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1. Calibration of Laboratory Testing Equipment
2. Service & Maintenance of Major Laboratory Equipment for Food & Beverage and Medical Research Industry.
3. Repairs of All Laboratory Equipment

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Tropocells® Advanced Gel Separation Technology Produces The Optimal PRP Formula.

Before now Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) systems were unable to sustain the mononuclear cell population while eliminating the RBC and neutrophils. However, the advanced gel separator utilized by Tropocells® removes the cells that promote inflammation and catabolism while producing a solution rich in platelets and monocytes. This optimizes healing and growth.

We supply the exceptional, high qualityTropocells PRP to the following segments

  1. Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine specialists
  2. Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Clinics/Gynae
  3. Trichologists
  4. Wound Care Clinics
  5. Dental /Maxillofacial Surgeons



Monocyte-rich Neutrophil-poor PRP

Clinical and analytical equipment.

Fully automated ELISA analyzer

A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

Auto Chemistry Analyzer

BK-500 Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Air purification equipment,

Medical Disposable Gloves

Natural Rubber latex

Micro rough textured

Barrier protection

Ethylene Oxide

Gamma Irradiated

Creamy white

Disposable labware


Vaccumed blood connection systems

tips pippet

Tips pippette

starplex scientific leakbuster specimen containers main

Specimen containers


Prommed Disposable test tube

prommed blood collection tubes

Prommed blood collectin tubes

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